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***2019-2020 NBA Season Thread***

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That was impressive. Good range already which he needs to physically save himself 

29 minutes ago, Destino said:

It would be nice if they actually let him play.  If he can only play three minutes at a time, he shouldn’t be playing at all.  

he did look exhausted playing 6 minutes now but it was an awesome 6 minutes 

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7 hours ago, Hersh said:

that will be fun but Zion has a long way to go defensively. 


I would have him guarding 5's to start. I doubt many can back him down in the post and i think the pels will live with the opposing team's 5 attempting mid-range. And it minimizes the need of lateral quickness while he's getting into playing shape. Only 3 or 4 centers that could really exploit him right now

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12 hours ago, Destino said:

This gray court in Brooklyn creates an interesting visual.  Looks like a partially colorized black and white photo.  


it plays tricks with my eyes....like I can't tell whats happening because the Nets' jerseys also blend in with everything. Its very monotone

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