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Who gets the start today Torain or Hightower?


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Any last minute news from Ashburn? I have both on my fantasy team and need to decide who to plug in. Im leaning towards Torain. I can't imagine that they'll put hightower back in if his shoulder is still bugging him, especially when Torain was able to come in and be effective last week. Also im considering playing fred davis this week over Pats tight end Gronkowski. Something tells me the middle of the eagles defense is going to be wide open today..... Any one got any words of advice for me lol?

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Hightower seems to be dinged up to a certain degree. Torain,(as Coach Kyle Shanahan stated),came in last game,showed he was ready,and ran hard. Add those to going against the Philly defense,I think Torain gets the nod. Helu could see some more time out there as well if Hightower is as dinged up as reports say.

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Rich Tandler had an interesting article this week looking at how Torain did in games following a big game for him, basically saying his next game wasn't that great. Its posted somewhere up in BRBN but not sure what date it was, good reading though.


Week 6: 20 att, 100 yds, 2 TD

Week 7: 21 att, 125 yds, 0 TD

Week 14: 24 att, 172 yds, 0 TD

Week 15: 11 att, 53 yds, 0 TD, 5 rec, 48 yds, 1 TD (101 all purpose yds)

Dude only had 10 games started, and his first 3 games didn't touch the ball all that much. Then he got injured, and came back with a 172 yard game. Honestly, it's too small a sample size to make a broad statement that he can't together back to back games.

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i just keep remembering Torain completely running over Quintin Mikell on the way to the endzone last year the first time we played the eagles
I think I just want to post this gif in every thread I go into between now and gametime because personally I don't think i'll ever tire of seeing it



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