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  1. this is cool but i don't know how realistic it is though. Pretty sure my draft would never happen in real life haha Your score is: 3908 (Drafting Ability: B, Player Quality A, Future Draft Picks: N/A) Your Picks: Round 2 Pick 2: Johnny Manziel, QB, Texas A&M (A) Round 3 Pick 12 (NYG): Chris Borland, ILB, Wisconsin (A) Round 4 Pick 2: Kenny Ladler, FS, Vanderbilt (A) Round 4 Pick 5 (OAK): Aaron Colvin, CB, Oklahoma (A-) Round 4 Pick 8 (MINN): George Uko, DE, Southern California (A-) Round 4 Pick 9 (BUF): Brandon Coleman, WR, Rutgers (A) Round 4 Pick 11 (TENN): Jimmie Ward, SS, Northern Illinois (A) Round 5 Pick 2: Chris Watt, OG, Notre Dame (A) Round 6 Pick 2: Gabe Ikard, C, Oklahoma (A) Round 6 Pick 11 (TENN): Austin Wentworth, OT, Fresno State (B-) Round 7 Pick 2: Cody Hoffman, WR, Brigham Young (B-)
  2. Hadn't heard that but certainly hope its true
  3. Im still trying to figure out who the hell decided not to bust out the throwbacks for the Thanksgiving game. National coverage, huge rivalry game, cowboys vs. indians... Seems like a NO BRAINER from a marketing standpoint. Instead we chose to waste them against the freaking Panthers? Missed a huge opportunity in my opinion, makes NO sense.... :slap: <--- marketing department
  4. Im curious how they decided on that slogan too.... why not just go with "hail to the redskins"? If ur honoring team tradition isnt it counter intuitive to use a brand new slogan that nobody really associates with the team? Not to mention snyder's tenure as an owner doesnt exactly conjure up alot of images of team first, high effort players ::cough:: haynesworth::cough::
  5. I get its supposed to be leather but last time i checked brown wasnt one of our team colors. Think they really dropped the ball with those helmets
  6. Really with that helmet ? ****ing awful coulda been so much better
  7. ^^^^^dude you kidding? i love the gold and burgondy uniforms!! best thing about that season....
  8. Rhodus333

    Redskins vs Cowboys Rivalry Quotes

    i love this kinda stuff. No respect for the cowboys at all hahahaha
  9. I think he didnt realize that picture of portis was a photoshopped image
  10. These uniforms were certifiably badass. I want them back so badly!!! Love the spear on the helmet and those gold pants!!!!!!!! Wed look like a pimped out version of the 49ers!! but with a quarterback!! and a defense............and a coach that isn't insane..........