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Will the Skins entertain Barber?


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This is one of a few reasons why i'm thinking about taking a vaca from E.S. :doh:

It doesn't matter. When you come back, the content will still be the same. :ols:

Why would we want a RB who has been out the league for four years with the line that we have and the running scheme we run? If Larry Johnson and Willie Parker couldn't cut it here, why would we entertain Tiki?

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Of course we will, but I don't think he will beat out Herschel Walker in training camp.

That said, I am very excited about us taking a look at Shockey. Imagine our epic 3 TE sets.

Herschel Walker doesn't have a shot with Eric Dickerson in our backfield...Eric's got some new Under Armour goggles and said "it's go time"

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springfieldskins you better find some space to fit arnott into that sig

Loving Arnott's presence on the team but he unfortunately probably won't be here next season. I made this sig for last season, or maybe the season before, and I haven't had to change it one bit. Right there is the core of the team.

Back on topic, did I mention how funny it was that Barber wasn't on the Giants when they won the SB? It was hilarious and completely fitting of the type of player that he his. What comes around goes around.

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