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Redskins/Cowboys Score-Prediction Thread

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Well, I didn't see it posted as of yet, so why not go ahead and get the ball fumbling, I mean rolling.

A} Skins play good for 3 qtrs, then Dallas wakes up in the 4th to come back and win


B} Sexy Rexy lights up the Dallas secondary, Jerry falls from his skybox onto the crowd below while

clinched to Romo sits to pee's woman

Skins win 44-13

C} Skins don't bother showing up and Grossman is carried off on a stretcher, and MC5 tells

Shanny "NOW you want me in there huh?"

Dallas wins 34-6

D} Skins come out playing like they want to win, and show the world and ESPN they have pride

Skins win 26-24

I sure wished this game would have been like I envisioned before the season started with Washington battling Dallas for the NFCE, but there's always next year, or is there...

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HaHa, and all of you thought the 'skins were doing bad with McNabb at the helm. --- Famous last words... "You ain't seen nothin' yet!"

Shanny may just lose his job after this one! Did anyone think he could do worse than Zorn? -Maybe they should take away the play-calling duties of the current coach?

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Final Score: Cowboys 30, Redskins 17.

Grossman will throw for 200 yards and look a lot like McNabb did in last week's game against Tampa.

But because the Cowboys offense is more dynamic than the Bucs, the Redskins defense will be hard pressed to keep the score down.

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Its hard to say with Shanny rolling the dice on sexy Rexy this week.

If our offensive and defensive fronts played like they played last week, and if the kicking team gets its act together, we may have a chance. So much depends on the sex cannon. Will unleashing the dragon pay off? I say it is a 50-50 proposition at present.

If Rex plays well: 27-21 Redskins

If bad Rexy shows up and team crumbles without McNabb as field general: 35-7 Cowboys

Ladies love the danger.

I am hoping for good Rex. Heck, there was a Bears fan on here today talking like Rex is the MVP. Who knows? Maybe Grossman is our starter next year.

Sweep Dallas!


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