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CSN: Haynesworth Doesn't Finish Practice


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By Ryan O’Halloran

Staff writer


Notes and quotes from the Redskins’ morning practice:

1. The Redskins had perhaps their sloppiest practice of camp and coach Mike Shanahan stopped the workout at one point after several false starts and/or off-sides penalties. “It’s just typical of this time of year,” he said. “We varied some of the snap counts. … If you emphasize something, it’s important to them. If you make a few mistakes, you stop practice and emphasize the point you’re trying to get across. I did that a couple times today.”

2. Defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth participated in the first hour of practice before watching the second hour. “Something happened, he wasn’t feeling good,” Shanahan said. “He practiced a few plays and was out the rest of practice. We really don’t know what it is. I just think he wasn’t feeling well. The doctors didn’t feel like it was heat-related.” The other injury news: Malcolm Kelly (hamstring), Mike Furrey (concussion) and Curtis Gatewood (heat exhaustion on Monday) did not practice. Veterans London Fletcher and Vonnie Holliday got the day off.

3. The Redskins remain at five tailbacks after Brian Westbrook elected to sign a one-year deal with San Francisco. He considered offers from the Redskins and St. Louis but figures to get more playing time with the 49ers working behind Frank Gore. “It didn’t really surprise me,” Shanahan said. “You just never know nowadays relative to the agent and the money involved. Brian’s a good football player and I think he’ll help San Francisco.”

For the rest of the article, see http://www.csnwashington.com/08/17/10/Haynesworth-Doesnt-Finish-Practice/landing_v3.html?blockID=291949&feedID=272

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I think M Kelly needs surgery... i never heard of chronic hamstring issue this bad, isn't it a muscle that heals itself overtime?

Article Hamstrung By Your Hamstring by Dr Bones - "If you are experiencing chronic hamstring problems, don't dispair. Hamstring injuries have many causes, but some are quite predictable and preventable... These injuries may take a long time to get over. They're nagging, and get better at a turtle's pace. Pushing too fast, only slows healing. One reason hamstring strains tend to recur is that the injury naturally causes those muscles to tighten and become less pliable; if they're not rehabilitated properly with plenty of stretching, that tautness leaves the hamstrings vulnerable to re-injury, for the same reasons an athlete who doesn't warm up well before competition is putting himself at risk."

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Typical scrappings for us news starved hounds.

Yes. Furthermore, Bert not feeling well and needing to take some plays off doesn't constitute news around here.

With respect to the false starts, off sides, and "this time of year" comment: I heard an interview on Sirius NFL Network yesterday with Lions Head coach Jim Schwartz. He said that after the first pre season game, the players tend to mentally check out, and the coaches have to snap them back to attention. Mentally, the players think that training camp ends after the first pre season game, but most teams extend camp one more week. And during this "in between" week, its hard to get players to focus.

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correct me if i'm wrong, but didn't shannahan give his players "no curfew" last night? seems like it's pretty self-evident what they choose to do given the chance. camp's sloppiest practice, and big al sick with a mysterious non-heat-related illness.

I had the same initial reaction. Haynesworth was probably out getting tanked and had a hangover.

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