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  1. yes! good call. this is what worries me. i have said this in another thread about his inabiity to lead his team to a win late inthe game. infact, he is vulnerable to turnovers in those situations. i dont care who you are, what team you play for, a QB has to be able to conduct a winning drive in the NFL. there will always be a time when a QB has to lead his team to a winning drive, especially in the playoffs when it is one and out. I want to worry about his consistency. the consistency to be able to put in 3 or 4 good games in a roll. not like a good game every 20 games. these next 3 games w
  2. He has played well enough for me to stop calling him "candle" BUt for me, it is about what he will do the next 3 games. giants, cowboy and the chargers. if he plays well in those 3 games, i'm all for bringing campbell back next yr. but if he goes back to playing avg, no point of bringing him back. he has lot of issues being a GOOD QB in the league and i labeled him as one of the worst starting QB in the league. but for the past 3 games or so, he has def played better and if he contiues to do so rest of the season, it will show me one thing that will be OK with him being back next yr. COnsiste
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