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Movies you hate and noone else does


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"the sound of music" makes me want to shoot that bit(h.

"titanic" i saw about fifteen minutes of it and it was so bad i couldn't stop laughing. talk about some bad acting.

"pretty woman" i was shocked that so many wanted to be that lucky whore after seeing this crap film.

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yeah i thought gladiator was kind of crap but people love it for some reason...

also UNBREAKABLE and THE SIGN blows so much that freaking director blows too... i was making fun of both of the movies while watching kind of whispering to my friend of my stupid possible ending and then realizing my stupid possible ending of the movie comes true it sucked soo much

another movie i hate that some people like is PEARL HARBOR... that movie was crap only part i thought it was funny was when the made japs look so bad in a screen where 3-4 jap pilots gun down all these nurses that is running for their lives in the middle o the road...

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Ugh. Forgot about Pearl Harbor. God what a terrible movie.

I also agree with whoever mentioned There's Something About Mary. I didn't think it was all that great, although I didn't exactly hate it.

Titanic was an ok movie. I think it's overrated, sure. But I don't really hate it either.

Some others:

True Romance

The Hours (if your GF suggests this one run, don't walk, away as fast as you can)

The Waterboy

Analyze This

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anyone that doesn't like adam sandler might want to check out "Punch-Drunk Love". it's a bit odd, but ... uplifting in a bizarre way. but if you didn't like Magnolia or Boogie nights skip it. it is from the same director, PT Anderson.

and thanks for confirming Pearly Harbor really blew. that's why i never bothered seeing it.

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Magnolia- Awful. Just awful.

The Matrix- Way too overhyped. I guess it was somewhat watchable, but not very good.

Armageddon- Who was Bruce Willis kidding with this tripe?

Amelie- Artsy fartsy crap. Most people must think it's art just because it's not very entertaining.

Godfather- I only watched the first one. It was extraordinarily long, which added to the tedium level of this movie.

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Star Wars (New trilogy)


gods and generals


The hours

English patient

Pearl Habor




Like water for Chocolate

A nightmare before Christmas

Terminator 2 ( I liked 1&3)

Punch Drunk love


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