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Movies you hate and noone else does


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OS I agree with you on godfather but the other flicks you defended obviously came from pressure from your other half threatening no patty cake for the night

Matrix one is not overrated

And you didnt have to be a nerd to like the original star wars

ep Citizen Kane is oveall number one

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Charlie's Angels: 20 minutes I will never get back. Kudos to me for turning it off.

Suspiria/Most Argento Films: Nice cinematography, crap stories. No wait, make that no stories... EVER. (deep red was "ok" and so was Tenebre)

Monsters Ball: blows dogs for nickels and gives change.

Eyes Wide Shut: stupid stupid stupid.

I'm also wondering why I EVER.... EVER... bought The Rock on dvd. What a fool I've been.

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