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Roman Polanski now a free man


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From the article:

In rejecting the extradition request from the United States, the Swiss ministry cited two factors: first, the Swiss said, the United States had failed to provide the records of a January hearing in Los Angeles County Superior Court that would have shown the judge in charge of the Polanski case in 1977 agreed that “the 42 days of detention spent by Roman Polanski in the psychiatric unit of a Californian prison represented the whole term of imprisonment he was condemned to.”

You mean there's apparently court records indicating that the judge who sentenced him has said, in court, that he's served his sentence?

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It's amazing how other countries overlook crimes in order to stand by thier flimsy morals/laws

Just like us. :(

It's almost as if "convictions of convenience" are part of human nature, or something.

Of course, as you've worded it above, standing by their laws would mean they didn't "overlook a crime" at all; rather, they stood by their laws. But I'm pretty sure I caught what you meant by that. The guy should have been jailed long ago.

Had this guy not been a famous filmmaker, is it safe to imagine that he'd currently be behind bars somewhere in southern CA?

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Nice, so you can drug and rape an underage girl, pay her a ****ton of money to say she doesnt want you to go to jail, get a bunch of famous scumbags to back you in the media and get away with it.

It's just that simple.

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