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RI: Pros bowl as practice ends


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Practice broke Thursday afternoon and while the team's third and final minicamp might have officially concluded, unofficially, the competition was just getting started.

Redskins' Coach Mike Shanahan planned an afternoon for his players far from the hot practice fields at Redskins Park.

"We're going to take the team out, have a little challenge at the bowling alley, bring some of the alums who have been here," Shanahan said.

Some former players were at Redskins Park on Thursday for an alumni event, and they were invited to compete with the current players at an area bowling alley.

"What we do is we get the top 10 offensive bowlers, defensive bowlers, support staff, coaching staff and alums, and we compete against each other. The winner gets a trophy about that high," Shanahan said, holding his hand about four feet off the ground, "and it's about five

times bigger than the Super Bowl trophy. We'll have some fun with it."

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Didn't Zorn do this too? Not saying its bad..I think its a great idea' date=' but just pointing out the facts.[/quote']

A) I don't think so

B) Even if he did, it wasn't with the Alumni, which is the important part. Not the bowling. It also shows that while Shanahan's a hardass, he can have fun and he rewards the hard work you put in. Which is good, because I was just watching the special on the 2007 Giants, and how much of an ass hole Tom Coughlin was before that year, and I can't imagine wanting to play hard for a guy like that.

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That seems weird. Was it because this regime cut him? He, aside from the dumbass Love Boat and leaving for Minny, was a very good example of what it means to be a Redskin.

And moreso than Vinny Cerrato any day of the week.

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