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I think we all know what pos the Skins will draft next yr.

Johnny Punani2

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Originally posted by redman

It will be the best available DT/DE, and it should be that strategy for the first 2-3 rounds frankly.

Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner!

Though if we do well enough in the first two rounds I wouldn't mind a good TE in the third. :D

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Originally posted by Reaganaut

So... it's already started. We ar now talking about next year even before the regular season has started. I'm tired of losing.

Hell, I was talking about next year before this years draft! :laugh: It's all part of THE PLAN. Haven't you been paying attention?:D

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with the Redskins NOTHING is a given :mad:

if the team goes into the draft with glaring holes at DE or DT it has shown a willingness to step up and draft running backs, backup corners, wide receivers and almost any other slot(s).

it should be the 'best player available' that fits into the needs of your team :D

for example, I didn't see any purpose in drafting Hamdan this year with a 23 year old starting qb already on board when there was a capable punter available, a spot where we have struggled since '98.

ditto last year where the team had holes at OG and DE/DT and chose to go with Betts in round 2.

opportunities were there to stay with their pick or move up in the round to grab players that could have helped us right away.

Indeed one can question how many seasons the Skins can make almost all of their choices for offensive players?

we can't address EVERY need on defense through free agency, no matter how creative we want to be.

all 3 picks in 2003 for offense.

8 of 10 picks in 2002.

even 3 of 5 under Marty in 2001, and 3 of the first 4.

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If we finish with an unlikely top ten pick and are in position to get a D linemen and take Winslow instead, you better lock up the paint guns

Trust me when I say that the ffront office ie Vinny will be asked these questions through out the season and offseason by the media and fans.

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Paint guns Navydave? Who is going to be using paint guns? Why use insufficient stopping power for the job? Nothing less than 50 caliber. :D

No, they will most likely get a free agent or two with a big contract, and draft a couple mid to late. but the 1st and 2cd might have to go for offense (it is Spurrier and snyder) .... There will be a WR or TE (winslow Jr.) they just won't be able to pass up. Or a RB if Canidate fails, which is still a possibility.

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Haven't we also picked up about 5 RB/FBs in that time period, too? (For a team that just dumped Davis because we're not going to run the ball, we shure do seem to draft a bunch.)

(Not that I'm upset about drafting Rock. But, I'm still wondering about Betts.)

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Originally posted by fansince62

mad mike.....it's a plan with some glaring holes that is outrageous in how it cheats its paying customers......

Dude. The plan has not been in effect for 1 year yet. They only started talking about it this past off season. The problem with this team since JKC passed away has been a lack of planning. When Snyder took over he went for the quick fix. It got us no where. Now that there is a plan you want to dump it before you see it through? And if the plan can get us to the big dance or even deep into the playoffs next year will that be cheating it's paying customers?

How about we play a few regular season games before throwing in the towel. And what say we give the plan the one more year it needs to see if it works before we call it a failure. Hmmmm?

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