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I think we all know what pos the Skins will draft next yr.

Johnny Punani2

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Originally posted by AshburnSkinsFan

Next year trade up to get Warren Sapp... I mean Vince Wilfork. Speaking of Sapp, isn't he a UFA next year??

Yes he is. But I think he'll be too pricey for us compared to his age. He doesn't deserve our roster.

If the Bucs tag him, would the FO pay??? I hope not.

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Originally posted by Larry

Now, you never know.

The Jets got any DL RFAs next year?

Jets will probably have a DL free agent available next yr that would love to play for the Skins. Especially due to the fact that it would mean at least a 300% salary increase!

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It depends on how our pickups this year pan out. If Dalton plays up to his potential, then we'll probably go for a speedy DE. If we can't stop the run worth a damn this year, then we'll probably go for a fat DT.

We should come out of the first two rounds with a DE and a DT, as far as I'm concerned.

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