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I was thinking about this on the ride home today. What if Shanny is paving the way for his son, Kyle to be the next head coach of the Redskins. Say Shanny gets the rights to be head of personnel & any other control he is looking for then coaches the team for 4-5 years and puts a clause in his contract that keeps him in the front office & promotes his son to HC. This would be similar to the clause put in @ Seattle when Holmgren left Jim Mora took over.


There have been no reports on this subject, just a thought.

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This is nothing new and has been speculated upon in numerous other ES threads. In fact, pretty much EVERYONE seems to believe this to be the case (minus the part about contractual clauses or guarantees).

Shouldn't the emblem on Shanny's jacket in your sig be different then the horsies? ;) I like your sig, but just askin' :)

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Or what if Mike just becomes Team President, ala Holmgren, and Kyle becomes the coach right now?

I actually would be okay with this, it puts some competent people in the Front Office, so Kyle has people to turn to in the initial years, and it gives us real fresh blood that this team has so desperately needed.

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