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What's the ONE thing you want to see happen on the Skins final game next week?


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For me personally, I want to see Marko Mitchell get more playing time. The guy has caught every ball thrown to him this season(although thats only like 3 catches,BUT STILL). He has so much potenial, he could be a Brandon Marshall-like player if groomed right. I'd hate to see us cut him this offseason.

I have wet dreams of our Starting linup consisting of WR1 Kelly, WR2 Mitchell, and WR3 Thomas, and lining up in two TE sets w/ Davis and Cooley :)

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I want the postgame new conference to include a cage match, to the death, between Zorn and Blache. Then, when Blache wins (and I'm pretty sure we could guarantee that), Albert walks in as the surprise competitor to finish Blache off too.

That would be a happy ending for me, and then Tony Romo sits to pee enters the ring and Al just destorys him, and Jerry Jones.

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