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  1. twistedpower

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    jasons to giveaways were a int that the DB wanted the ball more then moss and a strip from behind, on a couple of cutlers ints there wasnt even a WR on the tv screen. if jason threw like that there would be extreme skins at the front door of redskin park with pitchforks and burning torches
  2. twistedpower

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    just think if we would have traded for Cutler and his 4 ints we would have been completely blown out yesterday
  3. i think they have to keep the 3rd Jersey for 5 years before they get new ones
  4. With all the connections on this site, does anyone know if Zorn plans on keeping the home whites or is he going to make us like the rest of the NFL and have us ware the darks jerseys at home?
  5. we are one of a few teams that were white at home, the Cowgirls do it too and when we are there they make us were the burgundy and when they are here we make them were blue. i like it because we arent like everyone else and the white look better anyway