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which 10 games do you want the skins to win the most


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If you could choose 10 games for the skins to win this season, which ones would they be?

for me,

Jets (I don't want to hear how the jets get the last laugh)

Falcons ( I want to shut down Vick)

2 Cowboys (no brainer)

2 Eagles (ditto)

2 Giants (Lets bey kings of the division)

Bucs (I don't want to hear from Sapp, Keyshawn, Gruden, or any of their other loud mouth players)

Saints (I hate when Joe horn talks)

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Originally posted by blakman211

all 19 games!

Sweep the division and any 4 games outside of that, or on a more realistic goal sweep Dallas and Philly split with Giants, and win any 5 games outside of that including beating the Bucs asses

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Honestly, I'd be thrilled to see the Skins win any 10 games. I must admit that I am sick of losing to the Cowboys, so those are two specific games I'd like to see in the win column. It wouldn't break my heart if we split with the other two division rivals but I'd hate to lose two games to either of them. Winning the division would be awesome! But if we could just have a winning record and make the playoffs this year, I would be very, very happy.

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Well I first want to win the Jets game because we've bent them over in every other way so we may as well finish the job on the field.

Next...We have to sweep the cowboys and split with the Eagles and Giants. That way the deadcows(cowboys) will be put in their place clearly and we will have the respect of the division by beating the giants and Eagles like we usually used to do.

I would love to win that game up in Buffalo this year but that game totally hinges on our D-lines ability to rush Bledsoe and stop the run.

Beating the Bucs would be nice and if we can get the ball to our TE in the seem and the slot receiver alot in this game, it could be very close.

I would also be satisfied with a Bears victory because I still have a bad taste in my mouth from the one we gave to them in D.C. a couple of years ago.

I also want to beat the Panthers badly for teritorial reason. Just to let them know that this is skins country and always will be.

And crunching the Saints would be sweet. We gave them a game last year.

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2 - Cowboys

2 - Eagles

2 - Giants

1 - Jets, nice to open with a win on National TV

1 - Seahawks, I want braging rights over the few Seahawks Fans up here in the Seattle Area.

1 - Bears, I might be going to that game and my friend is from Chicago.

1 - Bucaneers, It would be nice to beat the defending Super Bowl Champios!

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JETS- after all this talk if we can't execute with these players the jets have bragging rights for the next 4 years.

COWBOYS- if they win the 1st game against us it proves the last game was a fluke, and mentally the have the edge , again!

BUCS- guess where i live?!?....i've nevers seen so many fair weather fans in my life!!!....i'd love to see us squeeze a win from tampa to show all them ex-patriots fans why you don't change teams every year!


stephen davis...doesn't concern us any more......

if we will....its just another win......


and any other 6 games would be nice.....


though each year comes that crazy defeat and up-set....

which games do you think the line will prove wrong on?


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IF I had to see the Skins win 10 games, there are actually 10 I would like to see them win.

2 Eagels

2 Cowboys

Bears, Falcons, Panthers, Seahawks, Bucs, Saints.

It could only help the Giants if the Giants were vying for a wild card to have those six other teams with another NFC loss.

If I had to choose between the Eagles, Cowboys, and Redskins, I would rather have the Redskins with the better record on the mere fact that I hate the Eagles a lot more and no way do I want to see Parcells succeed his first year in Dallas. :eaglesuck :dallasuck

And of course it means that the Giants would have beaten the Skins twice. :D

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