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Bank of America says removal of flags for fallen Marine a “misunderstanding”


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Published: September 17, 2009

Bank Of America says a miscommunication in corporate policy led a local branch worker to remove American flags that were placed on the bank’s property lining the road Wednesday to honor Lance Corporal Christopher Fowlkes, 20, who died in Afghanistan.

The flags were down for a short period of time.

Bank of America released this statement: “We want to ensure the community knows how deeply proud we are of the men and women who have sacrificed so much in service to our country.

The bank does fly the American Flag at our locations throughout the country and flags were displayed in front of our banking center in Gaffney the evening prior to our dedicated Marine returning home. We deeply apologize for any misunderstandings. “

Flags have been up since Tuesday and will stay up through the memorial Friday.

More than a week after his death, hundreds gathered in Gaffney Wednesday to pay tribute to Fowlkes.

Some waited more than 2 hours to see Fowlkes motorcade, and welcome the Gaffney soldier home.

“Freedom isn’t free,“ resident Chris Summers says. He, like many other strangers, never knew Fowlkes but still came out to honor his life. “I felt called to be here,“ says Summers. Also in the crowd, stood Fowlkes lifelong friend and fellow marine, Lance Corporal James Owensby. “When he joined the Marine Corp, I saw a change that was one in a million. I said I want to be just like that.“

Fowlkes, a Gaffney High School graduate, never wore a uniform for attention. Wednesday, as hundreds stood in tears, that’s what he got. “We should just be grateful that there are people that will go and die for us,“ says Dee Kirby. Ginny Elmore adds, “Just showing our respect and being here and understanding why we live in America, and why we serve our country.“ It’s a country, that’s loved even more now in the Cherokee County community. Many say that’s because of Fowlkes, who gave his life for them. Summers says, “My sons could be in the military one day, and this could be in 20 years losing a son.“

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I'm much more offended by the giant peach water tower in Gaffney that looks like a huge arse.

not to mention the red texture on it that makes it look like a huge ass with eczema. And the pointed thing at the bottom that looks like a turtle poking its head out :doh:


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Looks like an honest mistake.

And who would they be offending? Do the Taliban do their banking in Gaffney?

maybe, maybe not....to the first part about being an honest mistake.

but i know that one of the counties here, i think oconee, used BoA, and as soon as this happened, they emptied all their accounts from BoA and switched to another bank.

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It was CNN quoting what was said to the people who questioned the actions who then decided to close out their accounts at Bank of America. CNN and FNC pointed out the flags weren't on the private property of BOA.
There is no way that anyone who has an account at Bank of America would be offended by the American flag. Had they not noticed the sign and the red-white-and-blue logo?


It really must have been some kind of misunderstanding.

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