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  1. DjTj

    The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

    Saw this yesterday and had to find an explanation: Confirmed by Wil Wheaton: is the video embedded: A related video:
  2. DjTj

    ES Soccer Thread

    In case anyone was wondering what Mike Tyson thinks about Suarez:,-it-happens%27-?cc=5901
  3. DjTj

    All Things North Korea Thread

    Hopefully it just hits the tsunami-damaged nuclear plant where everything is already radioactive - no harm no foul. War in Korea would be way worse for China than for any other country (other than the Koreas of course). They are the only country that shares a border with North Korea, and there are already a lot of ethnic Koreans living on the China side of that border. They don't want to deal with millions of Korean refugees.And a strong South Korean economy is also good for China. It reinforces the supply chain between China, Korea, Japan, and Taiwan that is building a majority of the world's electronics. It moves capital and engineering knowledge into that supply chain. Having a large destabilizing war in east Asia would hurt the Chinese economy significantly. China wants to avoid war much more than we do (as illustrated by China staying out of every war that we have gotten ourselves involved in over the past few decades).
  4. DjTj

    Random Thought Thread

    The marriage penalty is one of those things that politicians talk about all the time but never actually fix. It's possible that filing separately might help things a little bit but probably not that much. Any couple where both spouses are making a decent amount of money is going to be hit whether filing jointly or separately.edit: the marriage penalty was fixed for lower incomes a while back, but not for any income above the 15% bracket.
  5. DjTj

    Random Thought Thread

    It's the marriage penalty. Withholdings are set up for single people.
  6. DjTj

    Random Thought Thread

    I have one (the $249 Samsung chromebook). It is a great laptop for surfing the web while watching TV, and I actually use Google Docs for a number of things, but it is definitely more limited than even an iPad or an Android tablet. The Chromebook runs the Chrome operating system, which is basically just a web browser so if you're basically limited to things that you can do within your web browser on a desktop computer (which can actually be a lot of things: Gmail, Facebook, Google Talk (w/ video), Google Docs, YouTube, Flash games, upload photos and documents, etc.)
  7. Can doctors figure out what Adrian Peterson's knee is made of and then transplant that into the knee of every other professional athlete?
  8. DjTj

    The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

    They didn't move to Florida until after they were famous youth tennis players (Venus was 10 and Serena was 9): sister was murdered by a gang member on the streets of Compton: Their childhood was scary close to the Crips, but c-walking has become basically mainstream, and while it wasn't great sportsmanship, it's stupid to try to think that she had LA gangs in mind when she did her little dance. And to keep this thread on topic, here's some more gangsta dance moves:
  9. Or that "tax" means something different in the AIA than it does in Article I, Section 8, Clause 1 of the Constitution. What do you mean by "doesn't work?" Are you saying that it doesn't work because 100% of people don't have car insurance? Isn't it working if 90% of people have car insurance? Or if more people have car insurance than there would be if there wasn't a law? Just because we don't prevent 100% of murders doesn't mean that the laws against murder aren't working.
  10. DjTj

    The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean) Post added June-26th-2012 at 09:15 PM ----------