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Calling you out Deangelo Hall.


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Im calling you out!

Last season you looked hungry when you got to the Skins. You gave the defense a boost and made some big plays for us but against the Giants in the Meadowlands you were clearly the least physical defensive player on the field. No matter what the Redskins have done record-wise in the past, I have always seen our defense bring it physically. Our secondary has always been willing and able to make tackles. The player you replaced was arguably the most physical corner in the league. Sure, he couldnt stay healthy for a complete season but after watching you whiff on Mario Manningham in week one Ill take 8 games of a healthy Springs over that sorry display any day and twice on Sunday. Sure you got a pick but that doesnt make up for thinking the first game of the season is two-hand-touch. By now you should know, this is the NFL which stands for not for long when you have a ridiculous miss like that.

Right at this very moment, despite his penchant for dropping ints, I wish the Redskins had rewarded Carlos Rogers with your bloated contract instead of spending it on a complacent softie with good hands. Give me a physical, match-up corner who wants contact, I can live with some drops.

So what do you want 23? Come 2010 when there is no salary cap you could end up just another rich NFL washout only remembered for cheating a couple franchises out of tens of millions of dollars or you could remind every fan in the NFL why your future looked so bright coming out of Virginia Tech. We want to see you here, really...but theres one thing I know about Redskins fans: we want physicality on defense. Smack someone in the mouth, especially a damn Giant! This is not the AFC west. NFC East fans and players across the board agree on only one thing: there is no more physical division in football. Right now, I wonder if you can hang. Its not for everyone man, I know. The Redskins have tried many players who have had success in other parts on the league only to realize that its not for everyone. Ask Danny and Vinny about the laundry list sometime.

Sure, you got that money. You are a very rich man. I dont know what that kind of money is like but I do know this: there is something more valuable after your career is said and done than money. Respect. You earn the respect of Redskins fans and we will treat you like a king. We will go to battle for you. Think Art Monk had a chance in hell of getting into the Hall of Fame without us? NO! And its not because of his stats dude. They should have put him in a long time ago. Its because he did things in such a low key way that he was underappreciated outside of Washington. Constantly sacrificed for the team. Became the Hines Ward of his day blocking and sealing the edge for the likes of Riggins, Rogers, and Byner. Giving up the fly routes for the 10 yard hooks when Gary Clark and Ricky Sanders got to town. Played physical. You dont think we appreciated that? Thats what it takes to earn our respect and he got the ultimate reward last year when Canton Ohio was overrun with the Redskins army just to pay our respects.

You want that? Earn it 23. I want to see you do it. I dont want to see that all the talk before the season was just that: talk. Get in someone's grill. Shut down frickin Donnie Avery this weekend. Make Stephen Jacksons legs pay for taking him around the corner.

You got that money man, now go out and get that love. We're waiting to give it. I love the rest of our secondary. Los, Smoot, Landry, Horton, all those guys play it the right way. Get on board dude. Its not all about the ints.


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He should have a better game against Bulger and the Rams. Of course, our whole defense better absolutely destroy Bulger and the Rams, no excuse at all if we don't get a sack...or five. Jackson's literally the only guy on their entire offense worth discussing.

I also think if we somehow end up letting Rogers walk, we're going to look back and feel like real morons for giving Hall that contract instead of Carlos.

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Unfortunately, I wasn't too surprised.

Hall really didn't play that well the last couple games of the season last year. In fact, I don't think I have ever seen a corner get so lucky with receivers beating him and either being overthrown or dropping passes. The Philly game at home was the biggest example. DeSean Jackson should have had three touchdowns that game -- he was ABUSING Hall all day. He dropped a gimme bomb for an easy score, and McNabb overthrew him when he was wide open on another.

It appears his luck ran out against the Giants. He looked like the Hall who started for the Raiders last year -- his inability to cover was a sight to behold. Or, you know, a sight to make you vomit.

On the bright side, the always underappreciated Carlos Rogers was a beast. If dude had hands he would be the best corner in the league.

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Not to redirect this thread back to the original point, I think that DeAngelo Hall while being somewhat picked on and not making great tackles last Sunday did come up with a turnover which we were sorely lacking last year. I think that this is one game and we will what happens this week against a very weak rams team. If he gets thrown on regularly, I would say that we should really worry. I don't think that it is time to worry or push the panic button. The guy can play, I just think that the team as a whole didn't look good and out of sync because they weren't really pushed too hard in training camp. I think that there will be rust for a couple of games.

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