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isn't there a rule the OL must all line up roughly parallel to the centers helmet?


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or else it's illegal formation or something to that.

4th quarter

8:28 left

3rd and 5

giants are in the shotgun,but it looks like they're in a ****ing V formation. how's that not a penalty? I remember the skins getting flagged for it this preseason because the LT was lined up a little behind the center, they said it gives the OL an advantage picking up the rush.

both guards are easily a head behind the center and the both tackles are back further than the guards. The Giants OL walls off the blitzing redskins D allowing eli to thread a ball to a WR who was covered decently but not good enough by D.Hall.

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That's a pretty obvious call if that's the rule. I mean, how much more obvious does it need to be. The tackles are practically standing up already ready for the pass rush.

well thats a 2 point stance which is perfectly legal.

my only question is, I thought illegal formation was called if any OG's or OT's helmet was behind the centers helmet/shoulder pads.

the giants tackles are almost behind the center...

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I found all the rules on the NFL's site for the position of offensive players at the snap:

Digest of Rules Main

Position of Players at Snap

  1. Offensive team must have at least seven players on line.
  2. Offensive players, not on line, must be at least one yard back at snap.
    (Exception: player who takes snap.)
  3. No interior lineman may move abruptly after taking or simulating a three-point stance.
  4. No player of either team may enter neutral zone before snap.
  5. No player of offensive team may charge or move abruptly, after assuming set position, in such manner as to lead defense to believe snap has started. No player of the defensive team within one yard of the line of scrimmage may make an abrupt movement in an attempt to cause the offense to false start.
  6. If a player changes his eligibility, the Referee must alert the defensive captain after player has reported to him.
  7. All players of offensive team must be stationary at snap, except one back who may be in motion parallel to scrimmage line or backward (not forward).
  8. After a shift or huddle all players on offensive team must come to an absolute stop for at least one second with no movement of hands, feet, head, or swaying of body.
  9. Quarterbacks can be called for a false start penalty (five yards) if their actions are judged to be an obvious attempt to draw an opponent offside.
  10. Offensive linemen are permitted to interlock legs.

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My guess is the 7th man on the LOS is the receiver we do not see. As has been stated previously in this thread, if a players helmet is as far up as the center's waist, they are considered on the LOS which means the gnats arguably had 7 on the LOS.

Huh? That pic shows all 11 players. Only 6 are "on" the line.

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I think the NFL refs totally sucked in the preseason calling petty stuff, or missing rather blatant holds, etc. I know they are human and miss stuff from time to time..but more and more officiating stinks...not this play necessarily, I'm not sure of the rule but that does look like a questionable formation.

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