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The Turk giveth and the Turk taketh away...


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We gather here on this appointed day to give honor to those who have fallen at the hands of the mighty Turk's broadsword.

Today is the day that makes even sturdy men tremble in fear as they await the news of their fate.

So grab your tumbler of Makers Mark, set the burgundy and gold flag at half mast, wipe away your tears, and toast the departed...one final time.


The first casualty appears to be young Master Chase Daniel. There will be more and they will be mourned here as well. Farewell young prince.

<in the distance the sound of a lone bugle can be heard>

"When you stare into the eyes of the Turk, the Turk stares into you." Nietzsche


The dastardly Turk busy at work this morning, his contentment barely contained.

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...Maybe trade for a seventh rounder?? We've gotten pretty good picks lately!...

We really do seem to be on a roll with our 7th round picks lately.

Typically a team is lucky if it gets a special teams player in the 7th round. The last 3 drafts we've gotten one starter and a player who has demonstrated starting ability. That may be a small sample size but we've clearly beaten the odds with those selections.

To hell with 3rd round flops send Vinny a bevy of 7th rounders!

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I hope Yoder stays, I think he is a great blocker and dependable. Maybe trade for a seventh rounder?? We've gotten pretty good picks lately! We'll probably keep all three, I just hope we use them all.

Well, given that we usually have kept 3 TE when we carry 3QBs, 5WR and 5RBs(4HB and 1FB). Now, we're going light at QB, even if we go heavy at RB, there is still one slot open on the offense.

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Hmmm maybe we keep BOTH Mason and Alridge and let things sort out over the next few weeks by their play. By that I mean if Alridge keepsd fumbling then we cut him down the road and resign Chase or someone else.

Just a thought.

Yeah I'm down for keeping Aldridge/Dorsey as long as LL and Mason are locks. If so that means Rock is gone. My two surprises are Rock/Yoder cut. Probably not likely and I think they are average players, but it may be time to give someone else a chance that has a higher ceiling.

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I hadn't thought of that.

Still, I think if you plan to use 2 TE sets regularly, as Z has stated, then you need at least 3 TEs on your roster.

no reason Eddie Williams can't fill in. He is a FB/TE hybrid. He has great hands and can block. He's not the size of Yoder or Agnonne though. Just a thought, plus I'm pulling for the Idaho kid:silly:

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