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Going Commando from the Gray Lot to the Stadium: An Important PSA


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Greetings fellow Skins fans.

In preparation for the regular season, I thought I would provide some important information about the quickest route from the new Gray lot to the Stadium, which happens to go through about 200 yards of slightly dense woods.

I got to the Patriots preseason game with 2 of my friends at about 8:20pm, well after the game had started. When we realized we would have to backtrack to the Gray lot entrance (which is the opposite direction from the stadium) to get to the sidewalk, we decided "**** it, lets forge our own path through the woods."

One of my buddies walked the traditional way with the masses, while my other friend and I decided to go commando. The woods were not as thick as I initially feared, but there were some trees with thorns. After going about 100 yards, you will find a stream that goes through the woods. It is only about 6 feet across and maybe a foot deep. This is the toughest part of going commando, as my shoes got soaked in the stream and my legs got muddy from climbing the slightly steep embankments. The worst part was that I dropped one of the four Pabst Blue Ribbons I was carrying into the stream, never to be seen again. I left a wounded soldier behind, and I will never forgive myself for that.

Once out of the stream, the woods begin to get less dense and in about 50 yards you begin to walk up the grassy knoll into the Green lots (where I normally park). All in all, we came out about 2 minutes ahead of our buddy who had taken the conventional route.

I would not advise taking this route in the dark as we did, as a misstep could result in a sprained ankle or worse. However, it should be pretty easy to do in the daylight for 1:00 or 4:15 kickoffs, unless you are carrying coolers or food which would complicate the process. The extra 2 minutes of tailgating time were well worth the muddy legs and wet shoes. Despite my initial fears, I did not get any poison ivy (and I was wearing shorts).

I hope those of you who have to park in the Gray lot this year have found this thread helpful. I will bump it accordingly before all home games.



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So you walked through the woods without underwear??? :silly:

Do the Redskins own that property? I wonder if there could be a group of fans propose a weekend work group to cut a trail through, lay down gravel on the path and build a bridge across the stream in exchange for some tickets or something.

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Too bad you didnt drop all four Pabst Blue Ribbons, then the mission would of been complete :D

The remaining three PBRs were crushed before I got to the stadium, although I had to shotgun the last one in front of the security pat down. The security guys even started chanting "go, go, go!" during the shotgun.

So why did you have to take your underwear off?

I never wear underwear to Skins games, I guess I am always going commando at FedEx.

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