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Predict the 1st play from scrimmage vs the Pats


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WOW and these are skins fans in here.

I would love to see JC scorch the D for an 80 yd td pass to DT while the Oline holds up for no less than 8 sec. while JC scans the field. Then will you haters just go away.

Anyways I hope the OP gets what he wants out of this thread and not a bunch of so called fans blasting the offense.

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play 1........ Hand off to portis for a 2 yard gain

The first pass play will be play action, off a fake to Portis, where JC will then complete a 4 yard pass to Cooley. Cooley will have to fall to the ground to catch it because it will be off target. The JC bashers will go crazy saying that was the worst pass they ever saw from an NFL QB. The JC homers will blame the offensive line for the bad pass.

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