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  1. fire5man80

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    Today during the press conference I logged onto Extremeskins, a site which Ive been a member of since 2005. I dont think or believe for a second that my membership makes me a better fan or privied to some secret society. But I do think that since I took the time to be sign up and be a member, taken part in some discussions on these forums and for the most part followed the rules (Jumbo might not agree:)) I should be able to gain access to the site and not basically shut out because of the close to 800 VISITORS viewing this site. Im sorry for my rant and I just want to know one thing from the mods. Is there a way to lock out non members during time of known high traffic by the members of ESKINS? Is there any way that we can limit the number of visitors on the site as to ensure members are given a fair chance. Im just asking because several times after trying to navigate through different pages I got a blank white screen. The site was extremely slow and I may be wrong but I believe it to be from the 1200 users on this site. Of those 1200 users the visitors outweighed the members almost 2-1. There were over 700 visitors to over 400 actual members. I know the other day during the speculation on whether Snyder was flying Shanahan in or not the visitor numbers soared then as well and once again the site was slow. I would not ***** at all if it the majority were other members, but these are visitors who are overwhelming the site.
  2. fire5man80

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    Thanks Jumbo. Im trying to get a mod job around here.
  3. fire5man80

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    Hey dude, unfortunately for you this stuff is already being discussed in several other threads. Im not trying to be a smart ass cause I see you are new. Youve gotta search before you start a new thread otherwish you end up with No New Thread status.
  4. fire5man80

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    How lucky are we as fans in this area??? I mean our teams havent wont a championship in years but we have some pretty hot chicks to cover our favorite teams. Lindsay from Channel 4, Kelly Johnson from CSN that chick from channel 9 isnt bad and now Channel 5 has another hottie named Lindsay. Just saw her on the 1000 news and she's pretty hot. I would love to see a jello wrestling match between these chicks to find out who's station is the best.
  5. fire5man80

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    Game day threads are hilarious. Its almost like the opening of the Tiki Bar in Solomons Island with the cops. They know they are gonna have crazy numbers of DWI's so they beef up the calvary. Kind of like the mods throwing out NNT's left and right they know its a gonna be a busy night. I was a culprit too, once.
  6. fire5man80

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    I dont think its wrong for you to wanna watch any game. Why would you not watch a philly game. I hate them as much as the next guy but it is football, I just root against them. I would watch it too if I could to see how vick looks.