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Redskins Blog: Tuesday, May 5: Brian Orakpo's Debut In Uniform


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Figured this would excite some of you guys, thanks to Matt Terl.

Full article: http://blog.redskins.com/2009/05/05/tuesday-may-5-brian-orakpos-debut-in-uniform/#continued

"Because of rules governing rookie attendance, Brian Orakpo isn't here for OTAs this week. But -- as has been noted here on this blog, in today's Sporting News, and in plenty of other places -- he was here for minicamp, and he looked terrific.

Most reports of him looking terrific have (understandably) focused on his onfield performance. How he's handling the linebacker position, how quick his first step is, all of that good stuff. They're not overly concerned with how he looks in his practice jersey, which is how it should be.

All of that said, he did pose in full Redskins gameday attire -- the team wanted to take pictures for various in-season uses, and this was the best time to do it -- and he looked just as menacing and imposing as you'd hope."

Here's the best one:


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He doesn't look as big with his gear on. And I really hope they don't make the mistake of lining him up as a LB. Why do the redskins always do this? I guess their front office never played that blocks game in kindergarten. The game where you have to fit the square block , round block , triangle block, etc. in its corresponding hole.

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I really hope they don't make the mistake of lining him up as a LB.

Our FO learns from their mistakes. With Jason Taylor we moved an OLB to DE and it failed miserably. This time we're moving a DE to OLB. It's the opposite so it should work.

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