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Official UDFA Thread (Updated with List of Players signed so far).


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This is for who we sign after the draft finishes or who we will.

UDFA's currently signed by the Redskins.

* Chase Daniel, QB, Missouri

* Edwin Williams, C, Maryland

* Scott Burley, OL, Maryland

* Robert Agnone, TE, Delaware

* Devin Frischknecht, TE, Washington State

* John Halman, WR, Concordia

* Jaison Williams, WR, Oregon

* Derek Walker, DE, Illinois

* Antonio Dixon, DT, Miami (FL)

* Brigham Harwell, DT, UCLA

* Ronnie Palmer, LB, Arizona

* Lendy Holmes, S, Oklahoma

* Doug Dutch, CB, Michigan

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lets see if Vinny was being for real at the end of that audio about immediately getting on top of some OL UDFA's. This next week'll either have a bit of relief or more disappointment.

UDFAs sign by today or tomorrow at the latest

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Dock's little brother at Texas (Guard) went undrafted. He's a little smaller than Derrick. But maybe as a depth guy. Might be an option.

I think Penn State had another DE who was out there. But can't remember his name.

Maurice Evans

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Some of the QBs that Kiper had at the end were interesting. I wouldn't mind one of those.

I would like to see them pick up QB Graham Harrell and give him a shot. He seems to have good accuracy and always hit his WR in stride. I think he would be a good WCO guy.

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How long does it usually take for the lists of UDFA to be released by the teams?

Teams spend the rest of the night and early into tomorrow trying to contact guys to sign as UDFAs. So we should know all the guys that signed sometime by tomorrow.

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QB Chase Daniel Missouri

OT Bell, Joel 6'7" 315 Furman

OL Lewis, Cornelius 6'4" 332 Tennessee State

OL Newton, Cecil 6'2" 294 Tennessee State

C Williams, Edwin 6'2" 308 Maryland

DT Baker, Chris 6'2" 326 Hampton

DE Hunt, Phillip 6'1" 244 Houston

DE King, Mitch 6'2" 280 Iowa

DE Bennett, Michael 6'4" 274 Texas A&M

LB Beckwith, Darry 6'1" 234 LSU

LB Casillas, Jonathan 6'1" 228 Wisconsin

LB Ellerbe, Dannell 6'1" 236 Georgia

LB Joseph, Frantz 6'1" 242 Florida Atlantic

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