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Comcast Post-game with Kelli, hilarious


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This is hysterical! KJ didnt even now if they were still on air. Just horsing around.

Sellers and ARE hamming it up, and then Smoot and Rogers with the shades.

Then Laron comes up calling them Batman and Robin. And apparently there's some big joke or prank on Springs, but there is so much laughing and chaos that I can't tell what's up.

This is ridiculous and funny as can be!

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That was pretty good stuff. It's nice when you get to feel like you are seeing the guys be themselves, not just giving canned answers to boring questions.

That's what I loved about this, seeing the guys as themselves and how they interact with each other.

On the field, I prefer a business-like attitude, with minimal show-boating. But off, seeing the jokes is great. Sellers calling ARE out on his drops while trying to keep a straight face is just so much fun to watch.

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These guys are having a good time. That's really good to see. It's nice to see the team win.

I loved the super hero stuff, Smoot saying to go back to the film, and the way that Smoot and Rogers just walked out. And Landry said he was superman. This was great post game TV.

The interesting thing is that Kelli really didn't bring her A game on her shirt today. That black and pink thing was pretty hideous. But she's still cool and my favorite reporter for the 'Skins

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