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The ES List of the Greatest Sitcoms of All-Time (new multivote poll)


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wanna be startin something?

got ta be startin something?

Did you really just make a Michael Jackson reference when responding to a challenge to fight? :doh:

Regardless if it is playing around or not, I think you just broke Man Law. :laugh:

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Cheers got me through a lot of rough days when I was in college...it went off the air the same year I graduated college.

Spin City...I watch the ones with Michael J. Fox mainly...some Charlie Sheen's episodes they just gave him nothing to work with.

MASH & Frasier...they usually don't disappoint in the laughs department.

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Any of you remember Laverne and Shirley?

Happy Days?

Haha. I wasn't around for those but my mom used to watch them.

Any good?

I could watch Happy Days reruns all day and be happy...great show.

Laverne & Shirley was a spin off of Happy Days and was another classic. Loved Lenny and Squiggy. :cheers:

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