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Andromeda Strain: A&E


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9:00PM tonight. (Part 1).

Anybody going to watch?

Me, from what I've seen, it looks like they follow the book pretty much. Which usually, in my book, is a good thing. Unfortunately, the movie also pretty much followed the book, which means this one should be pretty much like the original movie.

I'll likely record it, but I'm really not expecting much at all.

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1st half was definitely better than the 2nd half IMO...

The way the "self-destruct" bit played out was a little cheesy, and it didn't have anything to do really with the movie itself, but I hate when there are dumb family members like Benjamin Bratt's son and ex-wife, just annoying characters that don't really serve a purpose in doomsday movies except to usually act as people that put themselves foolishly in harm's way...

overall pretty entertaining TV movie, especially for a Monday/Tuesday night in the summer...first half was real intense

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It could've have been a normal length movie and still been good.

The secret gov't conspiracy was a little over the top. 4 Star generals just don't get whacked like that.

The President at the end really surprised me though. 3.5 stars.

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Watching the tape now. I've seen Part 1 so far.

I think they're going too far with everybody in the military looking for a terrorist conspiracy under every bush. But I'd also expect some of that. And they no doubt have to over-amplify things, or else the minor characters motives won't come across to the audience.

Wondering why they moved Piedmont from AZ to NV. (To make it closer to LA?)

Also noticing that the whackjob scummy journalist is from "NNT". :)

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