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SI: Rumor Raiders QB JaMarcus Russell has ballooned to 300 lbs


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:yikes: He was around 265 when drafted.

According to SI.com's Don Banks, there are "rumors" that JaMarcus Russell has ballooned to close to 300 pounds since last season ended.

Russell, who coach Lane Kiffin has named the Raiders' starter, had weight issues in college. InsideBayArea.com's Jerry McDonald writes in his blog that no players have actually seen Russell this offseason, so the rumors are hard to confirm. Russell has shown the ability to drop weight quickly.

Source: SI.com

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Well noone will have to worry about him scrambling. But shouldnt there be some serious concern inside Raider's camp. 300 lbs for a QB - should have a hard time being on the field say on a 8 minute drive. Wonder what they are going to do. Guess they are pissed that they wasted this much money on this guy

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Man ... if you're the Raiders, it pours when it rains doesn't it?

I would hate to be a Raiders fan ... :laugh:

as bad as the raiders are, alteast they have been to a superbowl thi decade. :doh:

But if that is true about jamarcus, that is terrible. judging from his LSU days he has alot of potential. He really needs to drop that weight in order to fullfill that potential.

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