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Campbell Soup,(Suggestion for Jason as Spokesman) Mod edited title.


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A few days ago I sent an email to the Campbell Soup company stating that they should use Jason Campbell as there next spokes person....Below was their response. Everyone should email them sometime and support Jason, that way if he's making millions through them he won’t need as much from the Skins.


Mr Patrick Bateman, we received your message and appreciate your taking

the time to contact Campbell Soup Company with your suggestion. We

appreciate your enthusiasm for our company and our products.

Thank you for bringing your comments or concerns to our attention.


be assured that your comments or concerns will be forwarded to the

appropriate department.

Thank you again for your interest in our company. I hope you can

understand our position on this matter.

Thank you for visiting the Campbell website.

Campbell Web Team



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I hope you can understand our position on this matter.
That part is kinda strange. It's an automated corporate response that avoids taking a position...

:laugh: They don't know the matter... we don't know the position and... what's there to understand? :silly:

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