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I reviewed the game last night......

After the missed Clinton Portis face mask call for first down that the Skins didn't make. (Ended drive)

Uncalled offsides Green Bay for first down. (Ended drive)

The B.S. pass interference on Thrash deep in GB territory. (You can't have PI and Illegal contact on the same play from the same contact). ridiculous call that warrants explanation from the league.

The simultaneous catch that should have gone to the Skins and kept the Skins in Green Bay territory.

The terrrible spot on Cooley's 3-7 play should have been 4th and inches at best.

The Skins dropped passes all over the place and played poorly and they were reemed by poor officiating and yet still had opportunities to win this bogus game.

what a joke the league is when it comes to the Green Bay Packers and Dallas Cowboys....

with all that being said the Skins players totally let down the fans and coaches in this game also. The coaches gave the players every opportunity to suceed in this game ..Poor execution and focus were huge factors.

But i would gladly give Green Bay the force out TD to get all those calls back... :laugh:

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