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Packers fan comments on ST during ESPN "Winners" chat...


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ESPN is having a chat right now about the winning teams from yesterday. A Packers fan (Followed by the ESPN guy) had this to say:

Ed (Fond du Lac, WI): I'm obviously a Packers fan, and this is the winner's chat, but I'd like to throw this out there from the winning team: Sean Taylor has to be one of the best safties in the league. His range was UNBELIEVABLE yesterday.

sn2.gifMatt Williamson: (1:27 PM ET ) Needs to continue to show better discipline and he has improved greatly in this area, but yes-I could not agree more. He is a RARE cat. Has ZERO physical weaknesses. Is making a statement and if he stays dedicated, he will be better than Reed, Wilson and Troy P. Honestly. Good call.

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His price tag is going up w/each pick....whats he got on the season? 4 or 5? And we have played only 5 games. He really could've had 2 others yesterday. He's a beast though regardless.

He's playing great football & is on pace to start at the ProBowl.

He's already tied his career high of 4 interceptions. And we've only played 5 games!!!!

He'll have 8-10 on the season no question.

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It's funny how quick the Cowboys quieted on the whole Taylor vs. Williams debate isn't it?

Yes, I think that little debate, as ridiculous as it was, is finally over.

R.Williams did have 2 picks going into this weekend I think, same as ST. But the way ST was in great position on practically every deep pass yesterday should have been enough to drop plenty of jaws even down in little D.

Sean Taylor can take away some serious real estate.

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The best thing about Taylor's interceptions is that the receiver was open when Favre threw those balls -- Taylor simply crossed the field faster than the ball flew!

He is really showing incredible range. That and the hit he put on Driver (should have been an incompete pass instead of catch and fumble out of bounds)...

He's really coming into his own.

Opposing QBs need to stop throwing deep on ST. Either it's going to get picked or the WR is going to get killed.

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Taylor has 4... How many does Roy Williams have?? I honestly do think that he has more horse-collar penalties than interceptions. no joke

Oh man don't get me started. Roy Williams does it intentionally too, that's the thing that makes me HATE him so much. If he at least tried to make his horse collars look accidental I might actually have a bit of respect for him, but watching him play makes me want him to get crushed. Just a dirty player who needs to mask his inability to be a decent athlete with dirty plays.

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Packers fans a football smart (My in-laws are from Green Bay and even the Grandmother knew who the 3rd round pick was!!!). And there is no denying ST was a FREAK yesterday. Almost single-handedly won the game. You can't make mistakes with him there, the ball has to be PERFECT...

Roy Williams is a joke. Brady EXPOSED him yesterday. Slot was open all day long and double coverage was split 3 or 4 times.

Last thing, absolutely - Landry is a stud and that lets ST do his THANG!

Lets tune up with ARZ, and then see what our pass D can do against that MONSTER known as New England...48 points on Dallas...sheesh. Even though I think Dallas is overrated, 48 POINTS all on OFFENSE - no pick 6, no returns...

Love the 4 & Goal call with 20 seconds left...that was vicious!

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It's funny. As much as I loved STs picks, the play of his that really sticks with me was the one the D blew. After Carlos missed the tackle ST chased the player with the ball down from behind (from the other side of the field too), grabbed him and dragged the ballcarrier to the ground short of the goal line. It was a bad play for the D as a whole and didn't end up helping much, but I thought that play showed not only a lot of athleticism but also a lot of heart.

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Oldfan, pick up the white courtesy phone.

Do you people know anything whatsoever about the game called "football?":laugh:

Sean Taylor has the best ability to read, react, and close on the football that I've ever seen. And, he needs every bit of it; because he's so frequently out of position.

Brett Favre had five open receivers Sunday. Three of them deep. I'm not sure whether it was Favre's weakening 38 year-old arm or a heavy, wet ball, or both, but he underthrew and hung the ball up late on every one.

Sean's amazing athletic ability put him in position to make five interceptions -- and he made two. He dropped more than Santana Moss. An average free safety might have only reached three but could have picked Favre twice in that game.

Sean was a couple of steps behind the receiver in the end zone for a Green Bay TD that was called back on a questionable holding call. And, 60 yard catch and runs, like Donald Lee's, aren't supposed to happen in this defense. The Free safety is supposed to prevent that. Where was Sean on that play?

Sunday was typical of Sean Taylor. He flashes that grade A talent and gives you grade C results.

One outstanding game by Sean Taylor wouldn't warrant calling me out because I've graded him on what I've seen so far in his CAREER overall. But if you're desperate for some ammunition to use on me, at least wait until he actually has an outstanding game.

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