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Hey I Got 10,000 Posts!

Leonard Washington

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Congratulations! You're a brave man for spending that much time posting in the Stadium.

Indeed I probably did most of my posting during the Ramsey vs Brunell saga. :doh:

I probably spend most of my time in tailgate now.

Did you know that white people don't use wash cloths?

Took me a second to get it.... :laugh:

My college roommate was white and he didn't use a wash cloth. I kept my soap on lockdown in my trunk.

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:adoration :adoration :adoration From my alter egos, VertebrateLife, Higharolla ****amamie, and others I have given you 10,000 posts! :adoration :adoration :adoration


Feel free to review my posting dominance!



Now I have to ban you.


1. Each visitor may own a single registered account. The ExtremeSkins staff screens and approves all new accounts. Duplicate accounts are prohibited, and the staff employs security measures to enforce this policy. Duplicate accounts will immediately closed (i.e., banned). Do not create additional registered accounts to bypass an issued ban; absent compelling circumstances, any attempt to circumvent a ban by registering a secondary account will result in a permanent banishment of all related accounts.

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