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McNabb's season is done. Put a fork in the Eagles..(Merged)


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It's ashamed about Mcnabb.....I joke about him puking and choking but after the whole TO debacle I really do have alot of respect for the guy.

He's tough, remember when he beat the Cards with a broken ankle?

He plays with alot of heart and I wish him the best........

But the Eagles live and die with him, so they are in a world of trouble now.

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Where is a source that says his season is done or what exactly happened to him? I haven't seen anything other then he was carted off the field.

I agree.

No one knows if he's done.

I haven't seen anything coming from the team.

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Golly, that's pretty desperate if you're looking for Romo sits to pee love on a Skins board. :doh:

Well, Campbell has been annoited franchise QB of the future after one game.

Dont see why Romo sits to pee should be considered anything less according to that logic.

And Zoony is one of the more intelligent and educated posters on this site unlike yourself.

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