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funniest audio ever, MSU radio host has on--air mental breakdown after MSU-ND loss


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I just listened to the entire thing. Personally, that's the sort of reporter/radio personality that I wish more teams had. Somebody who doesn't cow-tow to the team, who calls it like it is, and who isn't afraid to tell the team (and anyone else who will listen) what he thinks of them.

Just once I'd love to see a reporter at a Redskins Press Conference stand up after Joe Gibbs gives one of his "Talk lots, say nothing" answers and say.. "Coach, that was a useless bunch of crap you just spewed. Either answer the ****ing question or just say 'No comment', would ya."

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OK -- so what is he going to sound like now?

Ron Zook's Illini go to East Lansing and snap their TEN GAME Big Ten losing streak?

If John L is employed tomorrow it is a travesty.

I cannot wait to hear what that guy says on Monday -- Please Post it !

:laugh: :laugh: :doh: :doh: :laugh:

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