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Satellite Radio question - XM or Sirius?

The Evil Genius

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Hey all - thinking about joining the satellite radio community - especially since the Alt stations in Sacramento suck now (why does every station now have to adopt the we'll play anything anytime format?).


Here is the question - with the launch of "Zebra", will Sirius still carry the Skins games? Also, does anyone know if I can pick up WVU games on Sirius?

I know XM is the more popular of the two (at least I think it is), but I would be getting Sirius to listen to the games (both pro and college) and the music.

Any help is appreciated.

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Sirius has always carried the skins games with the local crew. I have not been notified that this will change and I assume it's an agreement with the NFL that Danny will have to adhere to. I will be execptionally po'd if that is not case. That said, the music seems to be pretty even with XM having possibly a slight advantage. For other programming though Sirius seems to have more variety and of course they have the NFL. Which was all it took for me to choose.

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Here's another vote for Sirius. I did a trip over the weekend and it worked awesome. How can you top the NFL? That is a trump card they have.

On a related note, why do the Skins have XM as one of their sponsors? I don't think XM is allowed to broadcast NFL games. Why would Snyder do a sponsorship with the NFL's competition? Is he just trying to open another revenue stream?

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Sirius definitely gets my vote. For me it came down to having all baseball games (XM) or all football games (Sirius) and it wasn't even a close call. The Afternoon Blitz is great on NFL radio, and I'm a big fan of Maxim Radio as well. I'm a NASCAR fan as well and Sirius is getting the rights to that starting in 2007.

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I have XM, and have listened to Sirius...personally I like XM better.

There is a better music selection, and I like what the DJs play more. Yeah no NFL, but that's ok, I get frustrated listening to NFL games anyways. From what I understand, XM still has the technology edge as well, but that may be narrowing now.

Redskins are sponsered by XM prolly cause XM is based in DC for the most part.

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Thanks for the info - damn shame I won't be able to listen to WVU this season - guess I will be stuck watching the 7 or nationally televised games. ;)

Think I am leaning to Sirius since it has the Skins - and I don't have (and will never get) DirectTV.

Again - many thanks for making it easy :)

Oh - any recommendations on radio receivers?

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A lot of people like XM but I have always been a fan of Siruis, especially since I was able to listen to all their music stations when they first started. Before they went national they used to allow you to stream off of their website for free.

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Sirius and it's not close.

BTW- TEG, I don't know if this has changed with the exclusive deals, but all of the WVU basketball games were on sirius last year.

Schweet - although this will be a rebuilding year for WVU basketball. Unless Jerry West's kid is a clone.


What's sucks about Sirius (and maybe all satellite radio) is that it appears that they charge you extra if you want service to more than 1 receiver. In other words, if the wife wants it in her car/work also.

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Aside from the obvious - Sirius has NFL And XM doesn't (and sirius also has nba) - I much prefer the music on sirius to XM radio. I couldn't find much that I liked when i played around with the XM radio in my friends' cars, but I always have plenty to listen to on Sirius. NFL radio 24/7/365 is hard to live without too.

I love sirius and would never switch to XM.

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I have both and its a close call.

Sirius has a beter sports line-up, but not by much.I love the NFL too death but I have Sunday Ticket also.So listening to games is not a big deal.

Sirius has better talk show while XM music , especially the dj's are better.Sirius repeats its music like regular radio does.

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I own a Delphi SkyFi (XM), Delphi MyFi (XM), and a Sirius Sportster.

XM has:

ESPN Radio


Fox Sports Radio

Sporting News Radio

NASCAR Radio (until 1-1-07)

IRL Racing

PGA Tour Network

XM Deportivo (Spanish sports)

Sport Plus (French sports)

WLW 700 (Cincinnati)

MLB Home Plate

MLB Play by Play (176-189)

MLB Play by Play (Spanish 190)

ACC (191-193)

Big Ten (194-196) (except Michigan and Ohio State home broadcasts)

Pac 10 (197-199) (except USC and UCLA home broadcasts)

Big East (200)

NHL Home Ice

NHL Play by Play (205-209)

XM broadcast six ESPN Radio bowl broadcasts and eight other bowl games.

World Cup Soccer

World Baseball Classic

Sirius has:

ESPN Radio


Sports Byline USA

Sirius Sports Action

NFL Radio

NFL Play by Play (31 teams excluding Tennessee Titans home broadcasts)

Sports Play by Play 1 (Live games)

NBA Radio

ESPN Deportes

Various collegiate teams (http://www.sirius.com/servlet/ContentServer?pagename=Sirius/CachedPage&c=FlexContent&cid=1121372461377) for football, basketball, and baseball

CFL Play by Play (select games)

Arena Football Play by Play (select games)


Heisman Trophy Presentation

English Premier Soccer

XM dedicates channels for play by play making them easier to find. Sirius has NFL Radio, but you might have to search for the games. Sirius also has WVU football. My advice...go for both. You'll more than likely be watching the Redskins and WVU. You can catch every MLB game on XM, and you're not likely to watch every baseball game.

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I currently have XM but I've been seriously considering switching every since Sirius got the NFL contract.

I like XM for the most part but a lot of their dj's and music offerings seems somewhat arcane unless you stick strictly to the hits and mainstream stuff. Are any of you Sirius folks into Electronica/Dance/House music? If so, what do you think of their channels in this area?

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Mike - thanks for the info on WVU!

I don't need the MLB feed since we have season tix to the SF Giants (and since between local channel and FSN I see all but 5 or so of the games per year).

So Sirius makes the most sense.

Now, I am off to Costco or Target later to check out the hardware. :)

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I've got Sirius and I wouldn't part with it if XM was free. Siriusly!

I stream Stern at work, which was necessary because I can't get a signal from my office.

I get a kick out of some of the other "risque" talk/variety stations (Maxim, Playboy, etc). The music is fine. And, of course, they have the NFL and ... if I'm not mistaken ... NASCAR is coming in '07.

XM got out to a big lead early, but Sirius has been steadily closing the gap. Aggressively pursuing superior content will win in the end.

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