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Nonsense. We will not close this gem.

We will make use of it. But, um, how?

Ok, either midgets or ugly people.


How about ugly midgets? Like that one from Different Strokes, that tried to be Arnold to become Governer (California, since I'm from here). Oh yeah, Gary Coleman.

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I'd hate to be doing this but why is everyone replying to a thread that's obviously dead. The OP must have seen a topic similar to the one he posted and semi-deleted it. Just let it die and the mods will get to it when they have a chance!

Edit: i'm guilty of doing it too :(

Looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. :rolleyes:

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im sitting here..... pressing keyboard buttons...... and .... SEE!... IT KNOWS WHAT BUTTON I PRESS! THE INSTANT I PRESS IT!.... I.... D... LKJHASDOFHWAEKL....


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