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I need some help....(company name)


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I just started an on line Travel Company and I need a nice catchy name for it.

Right now I have it as Thunder Travel(name of my softball team), but I was thinking of changing it. Any suggestions? :confused:

Any of you guys do any on line business besides E bay? I just started this and my buddy I work with makes some serisous cash. I mean, people do travel all the time, so I figured why not. Anyways, let me know if you have any good suggestions.

The link is in my sig if you want to check it out.

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I would suggest a title that sums up what you're all about as a business.

My question is, what do most people want out of a travel agency? Is it the guaranteed lowest price? Is it ease of use? Is it luxury treatment? etc. etc.

Figure that out... then name your company accordingly.

For instance, if you find that your customer is interested in excellent service and no-hassle convenience, you might name your company "Red Carpet Travel" etc. etc.

If you find that price is most important to your customer, you might name your company Thrifty Travel... etc. etc.

The trick is finding out (a) who your customer is and (B) what they are after. Then formulate a company name and a marketing plan around those two questions.

For instance, for corporate travelers, price might be less of an issue and convenience more of one... etc.

Good Luck :cheers:

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Kevin... what's with the new username? I missed that one, fill me in

I spent the weekend ****ing and moaning about spending too much money on Randle El when we need a CB and O-line depth. I told them to change my name to Grumpy pain in the ass if they didn't like it and tarhog obliged. :whoknows:

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Why not name the agency "The Traveling Koozie"? It would definitely get noticed, and you'd have a great story to tell to prospective clients to break the ice :)

Ding! We have a winner. People will remember that name...a bit different than your run of the mill name. :2cents:

Good luck! :cheers:

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Not to be a wet blanket or anything, be careful with this. I skimmed over the site and it appears to be a pyramid type setup(Multi Level Marketing). Kind of like Amway.

This is from the Better Business Bureau


In its continuing review of advertising companies use to market their products and services, the Better Business Bureau challenges claims that appear to be misleading and publishes the results of its review. One of its most recent reviews was of the advertising of Your Travel Biz, also known as yourtravelbiznet.com and YTB Net.com, as well as various other names of individuals who are representatives of the company.

This company offers a marketing opportunity selling online travel agencies at several levels via a multi-marketing plan. Independent Marketing Representatives (IMRs) sell online agencies, enroll Referring Travel Agents (RTAs), and sponsor other representatives. They cannot sell travel, nor do they receive travel credentials. RTAs are required to pay $49.95 a month to maintain a travel website. They refer people to their own website to book travel and can earn commissions from travel booked through their personalized site or by direct referral.

According to the company, you reach maximum earning potential by developing three teams. The "First Team" is complete when three representatives have been personally sponsored and six online travel agencies activated. The IMR earns 50 percent commission from all sales. Once the First Team's requirements have been met, IMRs qualify to advance to the next level, the "Power Team." This team includes the first team of every representative in your Power Team. When one of that Power Team starts a Power Team, that team becomes a first generation "Dream Team" to the original IMR. This building can continue through six generations of Power Teams.

We consider this company's advertising to be misleading because of its website claims about the ease and ability to earn money using the company's methods and marketing techniques. One page offers the opportunity to earn bonuses such as a choice of vehicle valued at up to $50,000 and a $100,000 bonus.

The company also claims that travel agents will receive perks of upgrades, familiarization (fam) trips, discounts and "specials." Testimonials tell of free hotel upgrades and huge discounts obtained just by presenting travel agent credentials from the company.

We believe the earnings claims are exaggerated and we consider testimonials to be invalid as evidence of the truth of the company's advertising.

We believe this company may be engaged in a pyramid marketing plan because of their apparent emphasis on recruiting rather than selling travel. Those who buy into the company's team become legally responsible for the claims they make about their company, its product, and the business opportunities it offers. That is true even if the claims are presented in a company brochure or advertising flyer.

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