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Are you breast man or a butt man?


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To quote Bubba Sparxxx:

"Ever since I had the pleasure/Getting you together/Your chest is just whatever/I found the buried treasure."

Yo professor! What's another word for pirate's treasure?

Well I think its booty *scratch* booty *scratch-scratch* booty, that's what it is! (Listen to professor booty by the Beastie Boys :silly: )

Its all about the backside, gentlemen. A chick with big boobs and no back does nothing for me.

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100% Butt , breasts are nice, for a while, then i lose interest, not with butts :)

Butt if they have nice round puffy areolas (sp?) that gets my attention too lol

I'm still working on my Breastology degree. Any chance I could borrow your notes? And just for the record, the bookwork kinda sucks, but the practicals are schweeet!

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