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  1. im the third one from the end on the right side me walking the tight rope
  2. here are some pictures i thought everyone would appreciate. my brother in law had a 'beck building birthday party' this past weekend: me with my redskins hardhat and baby hammer and beer (the baby hammer was suppose to be a joke) me and a friend were beer pong champs for the night. my niece diving into the birthday cake! (couldn't resist not posting this!) last, but not least, the cake we had made for the party had an embarassing picture on it of him with a mullet when he was 10 years old.
  3. so nice timing, i bring in this right when another female has posted a picture :doh: :laugh: ....i was looking through old photos on my boyfriend's computer and i stumbled across a decent one. nice to see more women on here, georgieredskins
  4. should have wiped off the lense but oh well. me and my dog (who was incredibly shy for this picture for some reason) again with the dirt lense. me and my little brother (yea he is acting like a smart ass in this picture)
  5. PM Blade, he might be able to help
  6. cutest niece ever! my family came to visit me for my graduation...we were fired up for dallas week!
  7. :laugh: i dont know what im up to in that picture :doh:
  8. our "goofy" family picture (im in the back and to the right)
  9. haha yea it was a little much. he won 50 bucks though for worst costume and did get to feel up A LOT of girls (not me, of course!) :laugh:
  10. yargh matey. about to head out to a 7 kegger...ive got my bandana on now and im ready to go! i know, im not the most fierce pirate around :laugh:'
  11. let me explain. the theme of the party was "come dressed as someone else that you knew was gonna be at the party." two of our friends have really red hair so we both dyed our hair red. yea, its suppose to come out in 8 washes, its not coming out. blah! anyway, just thought it was too good not to post. as you can tell, i have no idea this picture is being taken :laugh:
  12. thanks the guy im standing next to (ncikfox45) is almost 6'4, he makes me look super short! (im 5'7)
  13. this might need to be resized....im the girl with the skins gear on (of course)
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