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Caps win! Caps win! Caps win! Caps win! Caps win!

Down 4-1 in the 2nd, they came back to tie 4-4, then tied again 5-5. Won in overtime. :)

WOOO!!!!!!!! That means... The night before the DDP.......... There will be.... a Capitals Playoff game in DC!!!!!!!!!!

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I hate the youth of today.

I realize the irony of that considering my age.

But I still hate it dearly.

Ignorance, stupidity, and lack of respect.

And I'm sure those qualities were present in the youth before me, but still. Those three things, or lack there of, irk the hell out of me.

I couldn't agree more.

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I thought you were gonna be the next Neil Peart, **** your wallet :ols:
Yes, I have more money than brains at this point.
Don't you mean your Mommy's wallet?
I have a job, you fool. :silly:
Drumsticks are super cheap. I dont get it.
Yeah, but they break too easily. I have bought 5 pairs in the last 2 months so that's around $50.
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