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Random Thought Thread


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It's easier when you have stuff to do and people to chat with... :)

I had stuff to do! Unfortunately, I had very little sleep the night before, and I was exhausted last night. I was probably 'over' tired. But if I am ever up at four o'clock in the morning again... I will look you up. *smirks*

Your getting old

I did feel old last night, but somehow I'm bright-eyed and bushy-tailed this morning... Ready to face the challenges of the day!

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Man, after a string of bad luck...my day starts out with ST getting out of hot water. A major software upgrade I did at work went off without a hitch. My truck got fixed for a case of beer. I'm staring at a four day weekend for my bday which will involve my girlfriend, fishing, beer and golf. LIFE IS SWEET!!!!!

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