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RUMOR: Cowboys getting Jamal Lewis...


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Lewis is a younger, equally spent Eddie George :).
Let them have another overpriced player past his prime. Didn't help last year, won't help next year.

Oh, yeah... link? ;)

pretty much sums it up.

But the larger question in all this... what happened to the 2000 yard seasons that JJ was supposed to be racking up? Guess not.

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You have to go to MSN.com, and get access, I cannot give out my password (email address)... However, if you get access to msn's whatever... Then you could access the radio station(s).

I am not sure what region it was, but i was in my office getting pretty upset at what i was hearing. they are also going after FB Heath Evans who played with Miami last year...

I dunno, but out the backfield, that would be a VERY huge/crucial blow to the NFC East. If they pick up Lewis, we need a BIG DE in the draft, to hell with a speed rusher... I'd like for us to go 10-0 against dalls over the next 5 years...

Gibbs For Life!!!

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Yeah, Remember last season(2004) when the Skins play the Ravens.

Huh? that was before Jamal spent time in jail. How many 100 yard games did he have last season? Also - didn't we keep the NFL's leading rusher under 100 yards both times we faced him? I'm not worried at all..... Would reflect the Cowboys desperation.

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Jamal Lewis is also going to become a cancer in the locker room. Didn't he say last season that he didn't want to run hard because he didn't want to risk getting hurt?

Besides, he sucks now, and will probably be fairly expensive. I hope Dallas gets him because it would be a stupid move. What are they thinking?

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