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Alien Vs Predator 2


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Because you demanded it... ALIEN VS PREDATOR 2...

Hey folks, Harry here with a report straight from the maw of Rothman. You know what happens when a painfully mediocre film based on a great concept makes a little money at Fox? They set out to make an even worse hunk of mediocrity. So... set off the confetti cannons - another nail in ALIENS and PREDATORS' coffins is being hammered...

At the premiere for Big Mommas House 2, Tom Rothman, Head of Fox spoke about X Men 3, but what is also of note is his comments below on the AVP 2 film. According to SKNR.Net who first reported reported months ago that a film was coming and that it would have a contemporary setting according to Rothman based on the planned script, well thanks to The Movie Reporter and their exclusive interview, the news below seems to confirm this.

Q: AvP 2 any development there?

TR: Yeah, uh, Hutch would know actually better but I think they just got the script, they just got the script in...we are making that movie, it's gonna be kick ass (smiles).

Q: How soon?

TR: We're hoping for August of 2007 release. That's what we hope.



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Seriously, the story in the first one was weak. I did watch just to see the 2 fight.

My suggestion is they just go without any pretense of a plot. Just have a guy at the beginning speaking directly into the camera: "alright look. the aliens are over there, the predators are over there. LETS GET IT ON!" and just have both sides have at it in a big wide open space.

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I am not a big sci-fi person... I obtained a movie (how is not important:silly:) but anyway, it was NOT what I expected it to be. Cleverly, the title and beginning credits were obscured so I wasn't sure what I was watching... So, of course now I am trying to figure out what the heck I am watching... And it wasn't until I actually got into the dang movie and was liking it that I realized it was Alien vs. Predator. So, because I wasn't expecting anything from it nor did I know anything about the plot... I actually enjoyed it. (Surprising for me considering it was a sci-fi movie)... I would definitely watch a sequel just because I am curious.

Reading the posts I feel like I am missing something though. Was there a series or something put out of avp?

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Call me deranged, but I liked AVP. I'll probably like the 2nd one also. I loved the original movies, especially Predator 1, and Aliens. I really liked the battle scenes in AVP. The rest of the film was just window dressing for the real show. Predators and Aliens beating the crud out of each other. I especially liked the scene where the Predator takes his "krull" like weapon, and slices the Alien's head in half. :)

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