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Anyone know how I can contact Santana?


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my friend who isnt really a football fan said he lives in her neighborhood, she sees him driving around on a blue tricked out hummer. Obviously he lives around Ashburn somewhere. I've wanted tot ry and find his house, but, dont wanna look creepy.

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Please help me get in contact with Santana Moss. Anyone have any ideas?


Santana Moss......I love you!!! :smooch:


I love Santana:dallasuck


Santana is an amazing person[/quote


I'm dying to meet Santana. I've had the biggest crush on him since "The U' and to now have him as a Redskin.............I'm beaming. I REALLY want to meet him


Im not a man.....that would make me straight. Men arent the only sports fans, us women love sports too


I'm Santana's wife............Mrs. Moss

Obsessed? Or just a stalker? :paranoid:

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