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Got OWN3D at the Doctor's office today...


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So, I scheduled my annual physical for this morning and when I arrive at the office they said the doctor had an emergency and he was out today. :mad:

The receptionist asked if I would mind seeing the Nurse Practioner instead...ok, no problem. Just a physical.

So, some other nurse checks my vitals, weighs me, etc. Then the Nurse Practioner rolls in....uhh, ohhh....she is a friend from college. Never dated her but partied with her and hung out with her A LOT! I hadn't talked to her in about five years, last I heard she was working in the ER at the local Hospital. When we finish "catching up" she checks my reflexes, looks in my ears, and then she tells me she needs to check me for a hernia.... :doh:

Next thing I know she is sitting on a stool and asking me to drop my pants down around my ankles. She got to see the "Legend of Ron Jeremy" up close and personal. After the turning my head and coughing is over there was an awkward silkence. She then excused herself from the room and said she would be back to discuss the results of the physical.

This whole scene is about the equilvalent of having one of the ladies of Extremeskins that I tailgate with check me for hernia.

When I left that office, I felt.... :owned:

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Dude... :doh: That is rough. But if the Legend of Ron Jeremy is to be... Be loud and proud and remember, she was on your nuts! :laugh:

She sure was!!! :laugh: :doh:

So she didn't check your prostate ? I thought mr. RJ would enjoy that :laugh:

She must have been good looking enough for you to not have said "ah, I just remembered I've got a very important call to make"

She is good looking...I have a weakness for Blonde's.

She had to excuse herself because she was swooning at the "Legend" :laugh:

I did notice she had a little grin on her face when she left...I guess I could take that either way... :paranoid:

so uh...ron jeremy....did i tell you i started taking nursing classes at the local Y ?

ohhh my! :)

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