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  1. I was thinking the same thing :cool:
  2. :yikes: unbelievable..... :doh: ....but understandble :laugh:
  3. Very cute indeed! :notworthy
  4. Damn Halter, why do you have to be so tall....if you were a foot shorter that would be a really, really, nice picture of your woman :owned: Seriously though, bring her to the tailgate, she obviously likes big ugly guys....I will woo her away from you with my fat man dance!!! I hope everyone realizes these are just jokes....Halter can take it....
  5. It's not a bra! it's a bro! Don't ask me how I know.....:laugh:
  6. Son of a.....! Another DKS tease! :laugh: Play nice DKS! There is a picture of her on page 47 of this thread....how do I know that by heart? :halo:
  7. Hey, it is a short bus! Give them poor ****s something to live for! :laugh:
  8. Oh my gosh! You have got to be kidding me?!? Funny stuff PCS!:laugh:
  9. Here's my ugly mug trying to look hard!
  10. I agree, I enjoy Manic's posts....Hey Manic, can you dress up and so some Shakespeare or some other type of roleplaying for us fans? :laugh:
  11. What else do we have ..... #38 George Rogers? #9 Sonny Jurgenson #14? Who dat?
  12. She's already legal to be in one of your films Ron, I mean for the love of God......oh sorry, you meant drinking age legal, my bad! Dem Jus' Jokes People!
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