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Thank you Extremeskins.


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Why am I thanking Extremeskins? For being what it is - a great community of 'Skins fans. It has been fantastic, over the last few years, seeing this community develop more and more. I read great correspondance, posts from folks that have a profound grasp of the game, rib-hurting hilarity from amazingly funny posts, deep political insight (well, at times, heh) over at the Tailgate, and interviews and thoughts from coaches, players, former players, and all sorts of folks associated with the Redskins.

I tend to lurk and really mostly post at the Tailgate. Why? Because if I have a Redskins-related thought, I usually see someone else voice it over on this board. And that is fantastic - it really gives me a feeling that I am sometimes talking to one of my best buds about the team, even if I don't always participate.

So, thank you Blade, Om, and everyone else whose name I can't mention for the effort you do on this board, for bringing us closer to the game, and giving us fans a place we can share this love for the greatest sports team on the planet.

Hail to the Redskins!


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Aye, that is part of the greatness of this site: the fans.

Yeah, Hokie and Goldy, that ESPN place sure was something else. The 'Skins fans there were always great, but the trolls were just something else. I guess my daily battles with them wore on me, especially if the 'Skins lost!

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Thanks, and right back at you.

We've said it often, but I hope people still take it to heart: it's you guys, the membership, that make this place go. No one appreciates that more than we do.


Do you know if any current players are members or read this?

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Yeah, Om and the rest of the guys--this is my favorite non-porn site on the web. Seriously though, it has been my pleasure to be a member. When I found this site last summer, it was really a wonderful feeling--and I'm extremely happy that my close friend Iheartskins has also, obviously found an appreciation for what this site is.

I really think we have the most passionate, loyal fans in the league. It's hard to explain to outsiders, but if you grew up in or around the D.C. area as a kid, or if your family roots for the Skins, then you know what kind of passion it is. Sometimes I feel like I'm asleep all week, saving my energy for those 3 hours on Sunday when I get to watch my team.

Anyway, holliday wishes to all and let's destroy the Gints on Sunday in the same fashion with which we dispatched the Cowboys.

P.S. Om--great Robin Hood Prince of Theives reference in your article.

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I'm surrounded by Dallas fans everyday at work. I have Dallas fans in my family, hell, I have family in Dallas. It feels good to come here on the site and be surrounded by people that share the same love I have for my team.

I know what you mean man, living here in Dallas it's hard being around all theses cowboys fans. My whole family are cowboys fans!! Last Sunday was a very good day for me!!!! :laugh:

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Whay can I say? Thanks to everyone--mods, fellow posters and fellow fans, the team, the ENTIRE Redskins organization, and all the creative juice, blood, sweat, and tears that go into this place.This is the Redskins home I had always been seeking.

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My thanks to ES as well, to all their staff that has allowed us to come together here, to Art and his remarkable writing, to TK and his acerbic way of slapping down those so desperately begging for it, to Bubba for his forthright and insighful input, to each and every one of you. My thanks also to all the great Skins fans here who helped make this great season even more enjoyable. Most of all thank you to the Redskins themselves, the players who have fought so ferociously to bring us to this point, the coaching staff who has weathered so much media flak with grace and aplomb, and a particular note of special thanks to Coach Gibbs' wonderful wife who understood her husband's passion and went along with his return after all she endured his first time around.

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Thank You ES...

My wife thanks you....my friends thank you.

Being able to talk with other knowledgeable fans, to receive dissenting and

similar views, to talk out frustrating moments and just to know there

are soooo many others with the same adoration of this team

keeps me sane!

Merry X-Mas and God Bless everyone.

The 'Skins are back......Playoffs or No Playofss...

everybody (but a certain old codger) can see we are bubbling up to the top

and will be a force to be reckoned with!

Happy Holidays to the entire Extreme Skins family!

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